Kimberly Larsen, MS DC RD CCEP

Drs. Nels and Kimberly Larsen are Chiropractic Physicians who own and operate In & Out Chiropractic in Laveen, AZ. They have been practicing Chiropractic since 1999, with additional expertise in nutrition, managing sports injuries and neuromuscular reeducation. Both Doctors developed an interest in natural approaches to healthcare when Dr. Nels was tired of suffering from chronic lower back pain from a work injury when he was 19. While pursuing their bachelor of science degrees in nutrition, Dr. Nels found it difficult to sit through classes not to mention couldn’t do many things that most people in their 20’s can do like golfing or hiking, etc.  After starting chiropractic care, Dr. Nels not only found some relief from the pain, but also an improved quality of life. He could do the things he used to enjoy like golfing and hiking, etc. During that time Dr. Kimberly started getting chiropractic care as well and discovered the chronic headaches that she suffered from since she was a child were not normal and they went away.  Dr. Kimberly remembers taking aspirin regularly for headaches since she could open a Bare Aspirin bottle and never left home with out them.  Now she rarely gets a headache, maybe once a year when she undergoes some sort of physical stress or trauma.

Both Drs. Nels and Kimberly hold degrees from University of Nevada Reno and Life University including a bachelors of science in nutrition, doctor of chiropractic and master of sport health science with and emphasis in managing sports injuries. Drs. Nels and Kimberly are both registered dieticians and are certified neuromuscular therapists, and certified chiropractic extremity practitioners.  In their office they treat a variety of conditions and patients of all ages even children.  Services offered in their office include chiropractic, therapeutic massage, custom made orthotics, physiotherapy, and nutrition response testing.  In and Out Chiropractic severs a variety of clients from individuals injured at work or in auto accidents, to those suffering from the hazards of the modern work environment on computers, to wanting a competitive edge in sports.

Drs. Nels and Kimberly live locally in the Laveen community near Phoenix, AZ.  They like to support local charities and organizations and have donated time and money to many organizations, such as the Humane Society, American Cancer Society, leukemia and lymphoma society, Alzheimer’s Association, Laveen Community Council and many more. 

Drs. Nels and Kimberly live an active lifestyle. They enjoy running, lifting weights, hiking, cooking, golfing and riding their horses. They often compete in couples golf tournaments and Dr. Kimberly competes in cowboy mounted shooting. Education is important to them as well and they attend many seminars, read books and research to increase their knowledge. They have even walked on fire!