For over a year I have been trying to grow a garden. I carefully prepared an approximately 4 x 8 foot area, enclosed it in chicken wire to keep the critters out, strung up CD’s to scare the birds, even draped it in mesh to keep birds out. We filled the back of the pickup truck with some nice dirt (shoveling it in from piles in a lot), got bags of garden soil from home depot and made a nice bed. At first I planted seedlings that I carefully sprouted in the house. Those never made it. Bought started plants with vegetables already on them from Home Depot and Costco…those never grew in size and some got eaten by something. I even tried to protect the plants with burlap. Finally I just tried planting the damn seeds. That’s what they do with the cotton out here and it grows. To my delight a few actually grew!! They were small, very small, but we actually had about 3 very small beets, and about 3 very small spinach plants. Not enough to really do anything with. After all the labor, watering, money spent…we would have starved to death if we had to rely on my ‘attempted’ garden. Finally I gave up.
At last there is hope!! Just this week I found out about Tower Garden. An aeroponic vertical gardening system, with no experience necessary! It comes with everything. I cannot wait to try this. I cannot do it justice trying to explain it. Go to to really see what it is all about. Wish I had found this last year, however I have renewed inspiration! Even the Chicago Airport is using the system and using the produce in there restaurants! Too cool!