This week we are really dialing in the eating. The junk food, sugar, and caffeine, even dairy for the week, will be taken out all together. This will kick off back to basic healthy eating. However we will ‘zigzag’ and have a day or two here and there where we will indulge in a treat. This is the way we should eat most of the time…and do for the most part, but sometimes we do get off track a little indulging in a Mocha at Starbucks a little too regularly, etc!

Feel free to follow along with what we do. To start off we filled the refrigerator with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. Saturday morning we went to the Farm at South Mountain and picked up our organic produce for the week. We are participating in a CSA over the next several weeks. This week included some lettuces, onions, greens, carrots and half a dozen eggs. Stocking up at Costco is also great. Here are some of the things we love at Costco: Coach’s Oats, organic carrot juice, organic flax meal, organic peanut butter without all the junk in it, organic quinoa, frozen blueberries, organic eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables and this last week we picked up some great hummus. Trader Joes was another great place to get some great things like: Organic whipped up butter like spread, steamed lentils, organic sweet potatoes, organic cucumber, artichokes, organic walnuts and almonds (raw), unsweetened cocoa powder, and some delicious spiced chick peas.


2 organic walnut halves, 5 raw almonds

1 serving of coach’s’ oats with a few black berries and a teaspoon of organic ground flax sprinkled on it.

4 raw almonds
Big handful of snap peas with some baba ganoush

Salad: mixed salad greens, red bell pepper, mushrooms, tomato, cucumber, a little wild rice, avocado and seasoned chick peas, with about 1 to 2 teaspoons of olive oil drizzled on top.

Will be a meal replacement drink of Juice Plus Complete Chocolate flavor mixed with water, organic carrot juice, with banana, mango, spinach, ground flax, frozen blueberries with a touch of vanilla and scoop of unsweetened cocoa powder – Yum!! This is a common dinner for us.

Fluid intake

A couple cups of decaffeinated green tea and lots of water throughout the day.

Supplements: Juice Plus Fruit, Vegetable and Vineyard capsules and specific whole food supplements based on my nutrition response test.

I will continue to post our intake if you would like to follow along and clean up your diet. If you do not already eat healthy, you may feel crummy for a few days following this. When you start eating a lot of fruits and especially vegetables, it helps your body detox. The more toxic you are, the worse you will tend to feel. However, after a few days, you may start to notice you have more energy, you feel better overall and you will be healthier and able to think clearer!