A question we are asked all the time is “did you guys meet in school?”  At seminars focusing on self improvement, relationships, etc, we’ve been interviewed by people looking for a relationship. We’ve even been asked when we are going to write a relationship book.  It is easy to see that Nels and I get along great, have a fantastic relationship and are very close.  I am going to share with you more about us and how we met over the next several weeks.  I will also add some insight on why our relationship is so strong in hopes that you may find something useful that will help you with your relationship. So weather you’re just curious about your local Laveen Chiropractic couple or want to know what other successful people are doing that makes their relationship so strong, stay tuned!

To start with. Nels and I were a couple before school. The first time we met I was 16 and he was 21.  It was a brief meeting.  He had a girlfriend and I met him through a mutual friend. Over the next couple of years I would see him once in a while when I was out and about with friends. He started hanging out more and we became friends when I had just started college.  He had done some community college courses. Our friendship continued to grow over several months and before you know it we were dating.  And that was it.  We’ve been inseparable for 20 years!  Nels started going to school with me at the University of Nevada Reno.  We had the same interested and pursued our Undergraduate degrees in Nutrition.  Out of our 10 years of college, we did 8 of them together.

One key to our relationship; we both knew what we wanted in a relationship and what we didn’t want.  I had a clear picture from past relationships and friendships of what I wanted. Being friends in the begining and having mutual friends made for an easy and open relationship that grew easily and without effort. It’s a lot easier when you are both on the same page.