One of my favorite kitchen items is my Vita-mix. I use it nearly every day. Mostly for making a healthy energizing drink with fruits, vegetables and of course unsweetened cocoa powder! If you have followed my blogging you may remember my video of me creating one of our drinks.
Another great thing I recently tried was a creamy tomato sauce. The catch – it wasn’t cream that made it creamy…it was a sweet potato! We found ourselves the lucky recipients of several fresh tomatoes this summer from someone’s garden and wanted to do something delicious and healthy with them. So I flipped through some recipes in a recipe book that came with our Vita-mix and came across this creamy tomato sauce. The ingredients were all fresh, except for a cooked sweet potato. We tried it and it was delicious! We had it with lots of sautéed vegetables tossed with a small amount of pasta and the tomato sauce. Tomatoes and tomato products contain Lycopene a powerful antioxidant that has been extensively studied for its ability to protect cells and other structures in the body from oxygen damage. Lycopene from tomatoes has been studied in humans and found to be protective against a growing list of cancers.
Bottom line, eat your veggies!