This weekend was a ‘zigzag’ weekend particularly Saturday. We will now allow one day of the week for things we should only eat on occasion. Bellow is what we ate. I will continue our food intake for another week to give you an example of what you can do. One of the most important things is fruits and vegetables!


Breakfast: Meal replacement shake with all the trimmings!

Lunch: we went to a party at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant and had the following: A few appetizers (we did not go over board as these were shared with several other people). Fried calamari, dolmadakia, pita bread with tzatziki and some cheese that they light on fire. A small Greek salad. Main entree chicken masala with lemon potatoes and grilled asparagus; and for dessert tiramisu. We also had iced tea, the only caffeine all week.

We took a trip to Costco and did have a few sample bites: English muffin, taste of caramel corn, corn tortilla chip with guacamole and dark chocolate covered blueberries.

Dinner: Fresh strawberries and air popped pop corn with a little melted butter spread drizzled on it.


Breakfast: Coaches Oats with fresh strawberries on top sprinkled with flax meal and drizzled with about 1 teaspoon of honey.

Lunch: meal replacement drink

Dinner: Tacos – we picked up fresh white corn tortillas from the Ranch Market. We had them with nonfat, vegetarian refried beans; instead of hamburger meat we use a meat alternative and we sautéed red bell pepper, onion and garlic with it. We got a great taco seasoning mix from Trader Joes. We also had a little shredded pepper jack cheese, avocado, chopped up spinach and tomatillo salsa (again from Trader Joes) on top. For a vegetable we had steamed asparagus.

During the day I did snack on a few raw almonds.

I also had on light beer. As well as lots of water and caffeine free tee.