So this will be the end of two weeks of intake. I will continue to periodically blog about intake and some of our favorite foods and healthy food choices. The basics we shoot for on a daily basis most of the time: 3-5 servings of whole grains; lots of vegetables and some fruits (totaling at least 5 plus servings a day, most of the time it is more than that – it is now recommended to consume 9-13 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables – if you are NOT consuming that much, ask us about juice plus; some lean protein 2-3 servings, mostly from legumes or eggs, sometimes fish rarely beef or chicken. Once in a while some low to non-fat dairy. Very limited sweets and treats. Healthy fats: nuts, seeds, flax meal, olive or avocado oil and fish oil.


Breakfast: Starbucks Spinach Feta Wrap and chamomile tea. We were out of the house supper early to be first off the golf course. The spinach feta wrap is a lighter healthier choice.

Snack: meal replacement drink and a few raw almonds. And a few samples at Costco (only a few and ones that were better choices like the coaches oats, dark chocolate covered blueberries).

Dinner: cup of black been soup and artichoke with brags amino acids.


Breakfast: Meal Replacement drink with mango

Lunch: Sautéed red bell pepper, mushrooms, tomato and swiss chard and half of a sweet potato with buttery spread.

Dinner: Black been soup and cold artichoke with Brag’s amino acids, and some brown Jasmine rice.

Saturday was a mounted shoot competition. When I do this I need some extra carbs that are easy to eat and for a quick burst of energy.

Breakfast: small meal replacement and an egg on whole grain toast.

Lunch was left over brown jasmine rice with left over sautéed swiss chard dish from Friday cold (very good!).

Snacks throughout the day: pretzels, 2 Natures Path organic granola bars (we get these at Costco, they are a decent sweet snack, not too much sugar), a slice of whole grain toast, peanut butter and jelly, raw almonds and walnuts and half of a Larabar.

Dinner: Black been soup and a micro waved yucon gold potato with a little buttery spread.

Drinks: lots of water, coconut water (another Costco favorite – Vita Coco! It has some calories so not to go overboard with but very healthy, 100% coconut water) and one beer.


Breakfast: small meal replacement drink

Lunch: was more like brunch at the Farm At South Mountain. We went to the Morning Glory Café and split the south mountain omelet (is has veggies, goat cheese and tomatillo salsa) along with a side of potatoes and a biscuit we split. We also split a glass of their fresh OJ.

Dinner: lots of sautéed vegetables – squash, onion, garlic, mushrooms, tomato, red bell pepper, swiss chard and black beans with a slice of whole grain toast.

Beverages: water, decaf hot tea, and 2 light beers.

Tips: Remember when making food choices think this compared to that verses bad or good. If you are thinking about eating something that is not the best choice think about how it will make you feel later and if it is worth it.

When you are exercising, especially cardio, eating a low carb diet can be harmful. I know it is all the rage, but people really have no idea what they are doing and are actually doing more harm than good. They may be losing weight, but you can eat anything and lose weight.

If you are eating low carb/high protein this again is a problem. More on that in the future.