So last night was a late night due to a meeting and also a little ‘zigzag’ on the healthy eating. Bellow includes the intake for yesterday and today.

Tuesday breakfast was a meal replacement drink like last night, but with an apple instead of mango in it.

Snacks: a few raw almonds and some snap peas with hummus.

Lunch was some sautéed greens with mushrooms, red bell pepper and onion. A steamed artichoke and gently fried egg on top of the greens.

Dinner was at La Cucina Italiana. We had a follow up meeting rom relay for life so dinner was green salad, baked ziti and a little bread. I did try the desert which seemed like a pie type crust with some kind of a creamy cheese on top with a little slice of fruit or drizzle of a fruit puree.


Breakfast was a meal replacement drink like yesterday.

Snack was a few raw almonds and walnuts, some cucumber dipped in hummus and half of a Larabar (Cashew Cookie – these bars are great, the ingredients are nuts, dates and some have fruit – simple whole food)

Lunch: Sautéed onion, mushrooms, red bell pepper, asparagus, and swiss chard. We added a small portion of whole grain pasta, seasoning was a cube of home made pesto. We will make a batch of pesto and freeze it in an ice cube tray so we have it on hand frequently.

Dinner will be half a sweet potato with some buttery spread and a little spicy black been soup (the soup is an organic one that has simple ingredients and is lighter in calories).