Week of May 9th intake.

Are you getting the underlying theme of healthy eating? Lots of fruits and vegetables? This is one thing in research that has not changed over the years. You have to eat your fruits and vegetables. Remember eating is about nourishing your body!


Breakfast: meal replacement shake…with the usual fruit and vegetables plus fresh strawberries.

Snack: few raw almonds and walnuts; sugar snap peas with hummus.

Lunch: salad of mixed greens, green onion, tomato, red bell pepper, mushrooms with grilled asparagus and grilled Ono (delicious white fish, wild caught frozen from Costco).

Dinner: Steamed artichoke with a little Brag’s amino acids, a cup of black been soup, one small corn tortilla with tomatillo salsa, and a slice of whole grain toast with buttery spread.


Breakfast: Meal replacement drink with fresh strawberries and the usual other fruits and vegetables

Snack: Whole grain toast with a little peanut butter and organic strawberry jam. We get Costco’s Organic peanut butter that is just roasted peanuts. I reduce the fat by spooning off some of the oil on the top when I first open it.

Lunch: taco salad. Bed of spinach with some red bell pepper, cucumber, mushrooms, green onion, radishes, fresh cilantro and a drizzle of olive oil. We topped it with about ¼ cup shredded pepper jack cheese, a little left over meet free taco mix and refried beans and some tomatillo salsa. With 2 warmed small corn tortillas. And half a sweet potato with a little buttery spread

Dinner: artichoke with a little Bragg’s amino acids, cup of black bean soup, some sugar snap peas with hummus and a slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and jam for dessert.


Breakfast: meal replacement with mango added and a few raw almonds

Snack: half of a Lara Bar – cherry pie flavor all nuts, fruit and date. Yummy!

Lunch: Roasted beats and carrots; beat greens sautéed with onion, pepper and mushrooms; 2 small corn tortillas with tomatillo salsa and a few snap peas with hummus.

Dinner: We are headed to dinner with some friends to celebrate a Birthday at Olive Garden. In preparation I have already pulled up the menu on the website and the nutrition information. Nels and I can split one of their lower fat dishes, like the Capellini Pomodoro; Roma tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil and extra-virgin olive oil tossed with capellini. Then we can split this dish and order a salad as well to split and ask for the low fat Italian dressing. We can even enjoy a bread stick and keep it relatively healthy (it is pasta and bread that is not whole grain, however you can that this is not typical so it is ok!).

TIP: When you are going out to eat and committed to eating healthy or trying to cut calories, it is better to do a little research and have a plan before you go. Then stick to it. Don’t get temped to veer off of your plan because you’re eating out. Rather focus on enjoying the company you go with and having someone else do the cooking and cleaning!