Consistence and persistence with a little determination goes a long way

Last week I was reading a little something about goals. It recommended thinking about a goal and what it would be like to achieve that goal.  Since I had a mounted shooting competition this weekend, one of my immediate goals was to win my division.  It would feel really good since I have been working with my horse for nearly a year to be able to compete in this sport. If you have followed any of my blogs you know it has been a challenging process.  To this point I have entered the competition but have not been “competitive” yet.  Until this weekend!

The last few weeks, I tried shooting on my horse with a tie down.  Tie downs keep the horse from getting his head up too high. A horse’s adrenalin and ‘flight or fight’ mode kick in when their head gets up to high. As a result, when I am shooting off of him he is in flight mode.  The tie down is a tool that keeps him in thinking and listening mode. 

Our first run on Saturday was our turning point.  Our time was competitive, and I even surprised myself automatically shooting a balloon before planned because I could make the shot!  Now my subconscious was kicking in. We put 3 more runs together and won.  Sunday, first run was good, I was in forth place, second run I moved up to second and after the 3rd run, which was smooth and clean I was in first place with several seconds to spare. So for my final run I just needed to hit all the balloons and go at a modest pace, which we did. 

My success this weekend was due to several things. One, my determination that I was going to compete in mounted shooting with my horse. Since that commitment I have been consistent and persistent in my practice with my horse, with my guns and sport specific exercise training.  Now it is paying off.  There is also a mental aspect to sports.  Visualize yourself doing the sport, visualizing the win, and what the win will feel like.  Being able to change your physiology to get in a resourceful state helps as well…having the experience of walking on hot coals comes in handy right before we make our run. I do a quick physiologic ‘make my move’ that gets me in ‘state’ and off we go. 

So the moral of today’s story; consistency and persistence pays off.  And when you set your goals don’t forget to think about how it feels to get that goal and why you want the goal and what it will mean to you.  I have 2 wins down and 2 to go to advance to the next level. My goal to get to level 2 by summer is really in my sights!

Check us out in action…click video link below.

Kim & Yeller