The other day I wrote about the Bison burgers we made over the weekend. Then last night I was checking out the Dr. Oz show and there was a story of a gal who had lost weight and cured her diabetes. She shared 3 of her secrets to her success. 1) A library card where she studied nutrition, serving sizes, checked out work out videos, etc. 2) She used a scale to weigh her meat for portion control. 3) She replaced red meat with Bison!! They cooked up a bison patty and a typical ground beef patty to show the difference in the amount of fat that came off during cooking. Not to mention that it is a healthier alternative. Just make sure it is grass fed!

Here is a link to the company that sells the Bison Burgers at Costco

Here is another website that lists facts for grass fed food and you can look up local farmers markets that sell the meat.