Talk about a moment on your lips… Today we did a quick trip to Costco. What a great day to go – so many samples! So, I thought it would be eye opening to do a calorie count. How many of us have worked our way through Costco sample by sample and even going back around for seconds on a few of them. Ever thought about how many calories it may have cost you? Well you are about to find out. I went by each sample station and noted down the calorie for each item and estimated the amount. Now in case you are thinking, how could Dr. Kim be able to eyeball the amount and estimate the calories with any accuracy? Let me remind you that I am a dietitian and have been doing this for over 16 years and used to do calorie counts in the hospital.

Here is a list of the samples and estimated calories per sample. It includes the item followed by the calories: Multigrain tortilla 20, Mild Italian Sausage 35, Provolone Cheese 20, Italian Mortadella 20, Beef Brisket with potato salad 82, Veggie patties 43, Seafood salad on rice cracker 32, Smoked salmon with cream cheese on a cracker 50, Honey smoked salmon on a Ritz 30, Tri Tip 20, Hot & spicy wings 63, Chicken Florentine 30, Hansen’s soda with ice cream 50, Kirkland sports Drink 40, Sun dried tomato & pasta 40, Baked beans 20, Bratwurst 43, Four bean salad 30, Rice crackers with nuts 150, Fruit chips 10, Sour patch kids 10, Body choice high fiber drink 45, Body choice weight loss drink 10. Special display for pitas, pita chips and humus – they had several to sample with chunks of pita bread or fried pita chips so things could really add up here! I will put down as if you had a piece of the pita bread, one fried pita chip and tasted one humus, a Tabouli and Tzatziki: Pita 15, Fried Pita Chip 17, Humus 6, Tabouli 6, Tzatziki 6.

The grand total 943 calories! This is more than half of my days worth of calories! Who would think ‘just a few samples’ could add up do fast! In case you are wondering how I fared…I was very selective and ended up consuming 287 calories. Didn’t really seem like that much! Good thing we had a light lunch!!